Nodame Cantabile – Indeed the Best Dorama Ever! *Mukyaa

nodame cantabile

A few days ago, I re-watched this series after a long time. Actually, I like to re-watch dramas that I list in my All Time Favorite. So, this time, its the x-times Nodame Cantabile re-watch session (too many times that I forget the x :P).

And… I’m SUPER enchanted, as much as the first time I saw this series. Actually I just wanna watch it a little bit in my leisure time, but I turn out to watch the whole series, until 4 AM! Indeed, the allure is too powerful to escape from. =.=”

These are the reasons why Nodame Cantabile is the best dorama ever:

#1 The Casts

The damn hot Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki-sama and the cute Ueno Juri as Nodame is indeed the top reason. But the whole other characters are as important as Chiaki and Nodame’s characters for me.

Masumi-chan is toooo hilarious! Can’t get enough of him! 😛

Mine Ryutaro and Miki Kiyora is very adorable together!! And Mine is such a great leader for an orchestra group. His charm is almost reaching Chiaki’s. Two thumbs up!

Stresemann is hilarious too. The way he talks and the pervert acts :P.

Eto sensei / Harisen. He is the second male character I like after Chiaki. He has a huge charm in his age with that role.

The S-Oke members, Rising Star-Oke members (especially the Oboe player Kuroki-kun), Saiko, Mine’s father, and even the number two ‘famous’ in conducting department. I love them all!

#2 The Music

I looove the music very much in this series. I never realized that classical music is so enchanting. I downloaded all the soundtracks in this series and they will become my all time favorite OST, ever!

#3 The Technique

I don’t know anything about music instruments, but the way they play those instruments in this dorama seems very REAL! And the way they play them, the expression on their face, seem like a REAL professional! Four thumbs up to the dorama director and crews!!

#4 The Perfect Storyline

I haven’t seen any other Japanese Dorama that has a perfect storyline like this one. Not even a second I get bored. I laughed (a lot) and cried with them throughout the episodes. A really GREAT dorama ever!

PS: You will NOT regret watching this dorama. Try it! 😛