Wanna Laugh Out Loud?

Second post using English! 😛

I wonder how many times in a day do you laugh? Laughing is great for our healthy. But unfortunately, we laugh less and less by growing up. A little kid can laugh a lot in a day, but many adults can’t. They have a lot of burdens, problems, lots of thinking..

Adults, don’t stressed out! You don’t wanna have wrinkled face in your ages, do you? So let’s LOL together and maybe you will ROFL, with these..

#1 Running Man (K-variety show)

This is a Korea variety show that is HILARIOUS. The lead hilarious members are Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin (my opinion). But the other members have their important part too that make this show addicting. And many people around the world is addicted! Check out the episodes when they visited Hong Kong and Thailand and you will amazed by the crowded that wanna greet Running Man members (especially at the mall in Hong Kong!).

#2 My Girlfriend is an Agent (K-Movie)

This is the first movie that come into my mind. I laughed a lot that time, wayyy lot until my cheeks numb. EVERY scene in this movie is hilarious. The main-LOL-factor is Kang Ji Hwan, of course. He played his role perfectly hilarious. And for addition, I think his face itself can makes people laugh. 😛

#3 Hanazakari no Kimitachi e / Hana Kimi (J-Dorama)

This dorama is full of absurdity. The main-LOL-factor are Nakatsu (of course!) and the three dorm leaders. This dorama have the Taiwan and Korean version as well. I haven’t watched (maybe will not watch) the Korean version, as too many version will get me really bored of the last version I watch (same fate for Boys Before Flowers). The Taiwan version gets boring from the half through the end, but it’s hilarious too at first. So, I recommend you to watch this Japan version, which is PERFECT til the last scene.

#4 Nodame Cantabile (J-Dorama)

This is a comic-like dorama. Thus, the character will actually flying when they are punched. 😛 It’s really funny and sweet drama to watch. And the music is GREAT. And their struggle to achieve their dreams is GREAT and touching. A must-watch Japanese Dorama!

#5 Rooftop Prince (K-Drama)

This drama is one of my all time favorite. At first, I decided to watch it because of the cute Micky Yoo Chun. But the main-LOL-factor in this drama are his three henchmen. I remember laughing really hard when the bodyguard badmouth the prince in front of him, unknowing that the three-minutes-free-talk-session has ended. Also the scene when the yellow-haired henchman wetting a car’s interior by hose, in a part time job. And the changing-clothes-in-the-lift scene, of course. 😛 But, I wanna aware you that this is not a comedy-only drama. When it is reaching its end, most of you will probably get teary eyes.

#6 Jeon Woo Chi (K-Movie)

Kang Dong Won’s best movie ever! It tells about a Joseon era’s taoist wizard who is trapped in a drawing until he is released in modern era. You can imagine how his response when seeing the totally changed world. The most hilarious part is when he and the three taoist wizards escaping from the goblins by car. 😛

#7 Speedy Scandal (K-Movie)

This is a great movie which can make you laugh out loud at many scenes and cry out loud in another scenes. The main-LOL-factor are Cha Tae Hyun and the adorable yet naughty grandson. I admit why this movie can be one of the highest grossing Korean Movie of all time. Really really recommended!

#8 Miss No Good (T-Drama)

Alert: You have to understand Chinese to LOL more at this drama. But if you don’t, it’s OK cause you will LOL too anyway. Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan is perfectly hilarious couple in this Taiwan Drama. And you should watch the NG scenes too, because you will figure out how hard Wilber Pan spell the long, fast sentences, whereas his real profession is a rap singer! 😛 This is very refreshing drama, and you will find it more serious toward the end, but it ends beautifully. Very very recommended!

#9 Super Junior Full House & Super Junior EHB (Exploring Human Body)

I really adore Super Junior once. And I ended watch this special documentary about them back then. It is really funny. They have to communicate using English with two foreigners that will stay with them about a week. Note: their English is BAD. And they are absurd, especially Hee Chul, Eun Hyuk and Kang In. 😛

And there was Exploring Human Body show that had various kind of weird experiments like eating the most spicy chilli in the world, trying spinning machine, laughing gas experiment, etc. They were hilarious!

#10 Secret Garden (K-Drama)

This drama is hilarious at the moment when the two leading role first realize they are changing bodies. Hyun Bin is very great in playing his role, as if he really is a girl inside. But (personally) I think this drama gets boring towards its end. Yet, many people love this drama. So, it’s worth trying to watch anyway.

I think that’s the top 10 source of LOL. Oh, there is one more: Runway Cop but I haven’t watched it until now (will watch it soon!!). The main role is the hilarious Kang Ji Hwan which make me sure that I will LOL watching it. And they said so too in the internet comments.

Enjoy them, friends! Happy LOL-ing everyone!