Prosecutor Princess – My Favorite Scenes

This is one of my all time favorite K-Dramas. It tells about a super fashionable female named Ma Hye Ri (cast: Kim So Yeon) who is not-suitable-at-all but graduated from a law school because of her father’s coercion, plus her intelligence, of course. I like her character very much in this drama, in contrast to the one she played in All About Eve (in which she played a super-annoying antagonist role). And she dressed AWESOME! I love all of the clothes she wears throughout the drama, especially the heels she got from the auction.

The male protagonist is an attorney named Seo In Woo (cast: Park Si Hoo), who then falls in love with Hye Ri (of course). This is the first drama that introduce Park Si Hoo to me, and I fall for him immediately! It’s fortunate that I know him three years after the drama release date, because I can directly watch his following great dramas: The Princess’ Man and Cheong Dam-dong Alice without waiting curiously. It’s my habit. I watch all dramas or movie of my idol once I admire him, in which he stars as the main role, of course.

So, by the way, there are many scenes in this drama that I like very much. Here they are…

#1 Seo In Woo’s dropping tears in lift when Hye Ri’s leaving and the lift door closes.
Oh my God! It’s my most favorite scene ever! It’s simple, but very meaningful. I love how Park Si Hoo express his emotion when Hye Ri’s leaving. No words is needed. No excessive gesture. No excessive tears. And the background song is so damn match! Rate 10 of 10!!

#2 The message in the alarm clock for 77-year-old Hye Ri.
Hye Ri accidentally hears In Woo’s message in the alarm clock he gave her. He tells her how guilty he feels to hurt her, but he can’t even stop cause he is obliged to (to clear his late father’s name). And his wish for Hye Ri to meet a good man in her life and be happy.
“I hope you’re 77-year-old when you hear this. As in Titanic, tell your grand daughter, when you’re young, naive, immature, and beautiful, there was someone who makes your life ruined. But despite of all things he did, you could be happy and laugh now. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”
Sweetest message ever! And she hears that message in a damn-right time!

#3 The kissing scene after the alarm clock message scene.
Deep and long, after teary scene. Perfect!

#4 The bathtub scene. (Hye Ri screams when In Woo helps her from drowning)
This is hilarious. I watched it again and again, and I can’t stop laughing each time.

#5 The piggyback scene.
This is common, as many other K-Dramas have it. But this is why K-Dramas are so sweet. The protagonists always make sacrifices even when they hurt themselves.

#6 Other little stuffs like the bracelet Hye Ri gave In Woo when she still think that the one she loves is Prosecutor Yoon; the fishing hook with pail as their delivery media between the wall; the rotten tomato scene; etc.
The point is: all scenes in this drama are awesome.

So, for you who haven’t watched this drama, I recommend you to watch this immediately and you will fall for it too. And I think among the three Park Si Hoo’s dramas that I’ve watched, this is the best. Even though The Princess’ Man and Cheong Dam-dong Alice are great too.

Park Si Hoo, fighting! K-Dramas, fighting!!