Top 10 Korean Drama OST Singer (Cathy’s Version)

Lee Seung Chul — His song “No One Else” / “Geureon saram ddo eobseumnida” is very very touching. Even for the ones who have never watched More Than Blue, can definitely feel the sorrow through this song. And he has sung  many other OSTs til now. He is the former vocalist of Boohwal (Korean rock music band, formed in 1985).

Park Wan Kyu — I love his voice in “One Day of Love”, The Princess’ Man OST. The song is really match into the heartbreaking scenes in that drama. Park Wan Kyu is also the former vocalist of Boohwal.

(I think I MUST explore more into this band’s songs, since they ever have these great singers, and the band still EXIST nowadays! What a long period, and GREAT job, since there are too many ‘flower boy’ bands now :P)

Lee Seung Gi — My TOP IDOL! He is not only great at acting but also singing! 😛 I love the Gumiho OSTs “Losing My Mind” and “I Love You From Now On” and the supercute “Hoi Hoi Song” XOXOXOXOXO.. His debut song is Because You’re My Woman, which is my all time favorite. And his other best songs are “Will You Marry Me?” (which is definitely gonna be one of my wedding songs later 😛 :P) , “Love Taught Me to Drink” , “Unfinished Story” , “Smile, Boy”, and many many more!

Jung Yong Hwa — He is too, great at acting and singing! I love Heartstring OSTs “You’ve Fallen For Me” and “Because I Miss You” and You’re Beautiful OST “Because I Miss You”. Also his CNBlue songs “I’m a Loner”, “Love” etc.

HowL — I realized that he sings many lovely OSTs like “Perhaps Love” and “Aeng Moo Sae” of Goong, and “Love U” of Boys Before Flowers. Especially for “Aeng Moo Sae”, I have a deep memory about the parting scene in Goong when Lee Shin is taken by car to the prosecutor office and Chae Gyeong’s chasing after him while crying. Great scene with great OST!

K-Will — I love his voice in Brilliant Legacy OST “Love is Punishment” and Cheong Dam Dong Alice OST “Love Like This”. His voice is so touching!

Lyn — Her voice is so sweet! I love “Two As One” , the sweetest Gumiho OST. And she is great too singing sad song such as “Back in Time”.

Baek Ji Young — I think her speciality is singing sad songs, like “After a Long Time” in Rooftop Prince, “I Also Love You Today” in Princess’ Man and “Spring Rain” in Gu Family Book. Her voice has really high pitch, doesn’t it?

2PM — They sang the great OSTs for Dream High and 7th Grade Civil Servant. And maybe many more? Anyway, since they sing well, there will be many offering for them to sing OSTs in the future!

Seo In Guk — He is the winner of Superstar K season one. I love when he sang “Just The Way We Love” with Eunji in Reply 1997. It’s really a lovely OST!