I Need Romance 2: Jjang!


This drama is one of my all time favorite K-Drama, one of the tops, not just great, but GREAT. Here is the reason: I LOVE the lead female character here. Joo Yeol Mae. It’s a rare one, because mostly (or may I say always?) I love male characters more than the female ones in dramas.

What I love from her character are:

#1 Joo Yeol Mae is amazingly honest with her feeling. She loves Seok Hyun and she says so. It’s not like most of other dramas in which the female characters hide their feelings or even tell the opposite.

#2 She is damn brave! I love how she express each of her feeling. She doesn’t care of her image. She does whatever it takes to show Seok Hyun her love, doesn’t matter whether she finally will receive his love not. (In fact Seok Hyun does love her too, but because of you-know-what-after-watching 😛 reason, he pretends he doesn’t and keep rejecting her) You see, when she dunk herself in the swimming pool to get Seok Hyun’s answer and when she confess to him at the cruise and kiss him. These are extremely brave actions for a woman.

#3 She gives her all. She doesn’t give up after one rejection or two. She keeps struggling after countless heart breaks so that she won’t have any regrets. I really love her mindset.

#4 Again, she is honest. After she gave her all and yet, she didn’t receive what she wants (Seok Hyun’s love), she gave up and try to get along with Ji Hoon.  And she turns out to love Ji Hoon more. And when she realizes Seok Hyun’s reason for rejecting her all this while, she goes back to Seok Hyun BUT with her mind still full of Ji Hoon. Yeah, people change. It doesn’t feel strange that the plot becomes that way. What matter is, whoever Yeol Mae loves, she is honest, full heartedly (is this correct? sorry for bad English :P). I remember her crying in Seok Hyun’s embrace and says “what is going on with my heart?” (which means she still love Ji Hoon and it hurts deciding to come back to Seok Hyun).

For you who haven’t watched this drama, I really really recommend you to watch it! You will definitely enjoy it. It’s a funny and light drama to watch. And touching. It resembles real life very much. But maybe some of you may dislike the ending, I guess. It depends on which couple you are supporting. But it is satisfying for me. It has to end that way however.

And you will LOVE the OSTs!

Happy watching! 😛