In Time With You – Review

In Time With You

It has been a looonnnng while since the last time I watched any Taiwan drama. Korean wave is indeed amazing. 😛 But recently, I gave it a try to this drama. In Time With You. And it’s GREAT.

It tells about a woman named Chen You Qing (Ariel Lin) who turns 30 but hasn’t had any boyfriend yet. She has a best friend, though, named Li Da Ren (Chen Bo Lin), which she knows since senior high school. Of course, Li Da Ren has a feeling for her this whole time, but he keeps it to himself and try not to love her, because he thinks she won’t ever love him, due to their friendship and her tough personality.

People come and go in their love life. Chen You Qing had a boyfriend when Li Da Ren was single. Li Da Ren had a girlfriend when Chen You Qing was single. And now, they are both single, and Chen You Qing begins to worry about marriage in her 30. But foolishly, Li Da Ren makes a bet: whoever married first has to give a big amount of ‘hongbao’/money present. (Why don’t you just tell her to be your girlfriend instead??!!)

Situation gets worse when Chen You Qing’s ex boyfriend, Ding Li Wei, comes back and wanna get along with her. THIS IS THE STARTING POINT. I don’t remember in which episode it started (but I do remember it’s the second piece of the total 3 DVDs), but from this point on, the story really excites me! I admit that I almost give up on this series because the few first episodes are really slow and boring. 😛 And thank God I continued!

You will see Li Da Ren’s suffering and his huge hidden love for Chen You Qing. And everytime he wants to confess, somehow it fails, for some reasonable reasons (include the terrible tricky Ding Li Wei). But everything is WORTH IT in the end. The ending is PERFECT for the imperfect beginning. This series is very very very recommended to watch!!!

PS: For you who get bored in the first few episodes, please feel free to fast forward it until the existence of Ding Li Wei and enjoy! (Because I did the same :P)

PS2: The song which Li Da Ren sang for her is terrible (he is NOT a good singer, indeed :P) but the lyrics and the music is so sweet that I can’t get enough of this song these few days. The title is “Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni”.


Nodame Cantabile – Indeed the Best Dorama Ever! *Mukyaa

nodame cantabile

A few days ago, I re-watched this series after a long time. Actually, I like to re-watch dramas that I list in my All Time Favorite. So, this time, its the x-times Nodame Cantabile re-watch session (too many times that I forget the x :P).

And… I’m SUPER enchanted, as much as the first time I saw this series. Actually I just wanna watch it a little bit in my leisure time, but I turn out to watch the whole series, until 4 AM! Indeed, the allure is too powerful to escape from. =.=”

These are the reasons why Nodame Cantabile is the best dorama ever:

#1 The Casts

The damn hot Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki-sama and the cute Ueno Juri as Nodame is indeed the top reason. But the whole other characters are as important as Chiaki and Nodame’s characters for me.

Masumi-chan is toooo hilarious! Can’t get enough of him! 😛

Mine Ryutaro and Miki Kiyora is very adorable together!! And Mine is such a great leader for an orchestra group. His charm is almost reaching Chiaki’s. Two thumbs up!

Stresemann is hilarious too. The way he talks and the pervert acts :P.

Eto sensei / Harisen. He is the second male character I like after Chiaki. He has a huge charm in his age with that role.

The S-Oke members, Rising Star-Oke members (especially the Oboe player Kuroki-kun), Saiko, Mine’s father, and even the number two ‘famous’ in conducting department. I love them all!

#2 The Music

I looove the music very much in this series. I never realized that classical music is so enchanting. I downloaded all the soundtracks in this series and they will become my all time favorite OST, ever!

#3 The Technique

I don’t know anything about music instruments, but the way they play those instruments in this dorama seems very REAL! And the way they play them, the expression on their face, seem like a REAL professional! Four thumbs up to the dorama director and crews!!

#4 The Perfect Storyline

I haven’t seen any other Japanese Dorama that has a perfect storyline like this one. Not even a second I get bored. I laughed (a lot) and cried with them throughout the episodes. A really GREAT dorama ever!

PS: You will NOT regret watching this dorama. Try it! 😛

I Need Romance 2: Jjang!


This drama is one of my all time favorite K-Drama, one of the tops, not just great, but GREAT. Here is the reason: I LOVE the lead female character here. Joo Yeol Mae. It’s a rare one, because mostly (or may I say always?) I love male characters more than the female ones in dramas.

What I love from her character are:

#1 Joo Yeol Mae is amazingly honest with her feeling. She loves Seok Hyun and she says so. It’s not like most of other dramas in which the female characters hide their feelings or even tell the opposite.

#2 She is damn brave! I love how she express each of her feeling. She doesn’t care of her image. She does whatever it takes to show Seok Hyun her love, doesn’t matter whether she finally will receive his love not. (In fact Seok Hyun does love her too, but because of you-know-what-after-watching 😛 reason, he pretends he doesn’t and keep rejecting her) You see, when she dunk herself in the swimming pool to get Seok Hyun’s answer and when she confess to him at the cruise and kiss him. These are extremely brave actions for a woman.

#3 She gives her all. She doesn’t give up after one rejection or two. She keeps struggling after countless heart breaks so that she won’t have any regrets. I really love her mindset.

#4 Again, she is honest. After she gave her all and yet, she didn’t receive what she wants (Seok Hyun’s love), she gave up and try to get along with Ji Hoon.  And she turns out to love Ji Hoon more. And when she realizes Seok Hyun’s reason for rejecting her all this while, she goes back to Seok Hyun BUT with her mind still full of Ji Hoon. Yeah, people change. It doesn’t feel strange that the plot becomes that way. What matter is, whoever Yeol Mae loves, she is honest, full heartedly (is this correct? sorry for bad English :P). I remember her crying in Seok Hyun’s embrace and says “what is going on with my heart?” (which means she still love Ji Hoon and it hurts deciding to come back to Seok Hyun).

For you who haven’t watched this drama, I really really recommend you to watch it! You will definitely enjoy it. It’s a funny and light drama to watch. And touching. It resembles real life very much. But maybe some of you may dislike the ending, I guess. It depends on which couple you are supporting. But it is satisfying for me. It has to end that way however.

And you will LOVE the OSTs!

Happy watching! 😛

Wanna Laugh Out Loud?

Second post using English! 😛

I wonder how many times in a day do you laugh? Laughing is great for our healthy. But unfortunately, we laugh less and less by growing up. A little kid can laugh a lot in a day, but many adults can’t. They have a lot of burdens, problems, lots of thinking..

Adults, don’t stressed out! You don’t wanna have wrinkled face in your ages, do you? So let’s LOL together and maybe you will ROFL, with these..

#1 Running Man (K-variety show)

This is a Korea variety show that is HILARIOUS. The lead hilarious members are Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin (my opinion). But the other members have their important part too that make this show addicting. And many people around the world is addicted! Check out the episodes when they visited Hong Kong and Thailand and you will amazed by the crowded that wanna greet Running Man members (especially at the mall in Hong Kong!).

#2 My Girlfriend is an Agent (K-Movie)

This is the first movie that come into my mind. I laughed a lot that time, wayyy lot until my cheeks numb. EVERY scene in this movie is hilarious. The main-LOL-factor is Kang Ji Hwan, of course. He played his role perfectly hilarious. And for addition, I think his face itself can makes people laugh. 😛

#3 Hanazakari no Kimitachi e / Hana Kimi (J-Dorama)

This dorama is full of absurdity. The main-LOL-factor are Nakatsu (of course!) and the three dorm leaders. This dorama have the Taiwan and Korean version as well. I haven’t watched (maybe will not watch) the Korean version, as too many version will get me really bored of the last version I watch (same fate for Boys Before Flowers). The Taiwan version gets boring from the half through the end, but it’s hilarious too at first. So, I recommend you to watch this Japan version, which is PERFECT til the last scene.

#4 Nodame Cantabile (J-Dorama)

This is a comic-like dorama. Thus, the character will actually flying when they are punched. 😛 It’s really funny and sweet drama to watch. And the music is GREAT. And their struggle to achieve their dreams is GREAT and touching. A must-watch Japanese Dorama!

#5 Rooftop Prince (K-Drama)

This drama is one of my all time favorite. At first, I decided to watch it because of the cute Micky Yoo Chun. But the main-LOL-factor in this drama are his three henchmen. I remember laughing really hard when the bodyguard badmouth the prince in front of him, unknowing that the three-minutes-free-talk-session has ended. Also the scene when the yellow-haired henchman wetting a car’s interior by hose, in a part time job. And the changing-clothes-in-the-lift scene, of course. 😛 But, I wanna aware you that this is not a comedy-only drama. When it is reaching its end, most of you will probably get teary eyes.

#6 Jeon Woo Chi (K-Movie)

Kang Dong Won’s best movie ever! It tells about a Joseon era’s taoist wizard who is trapped in a drawing until he is released in modern era. You can imagine how his response when seeing the totally changed world. The most hilarious part is when he and the three taoist wizards escaping from the goblins by car. 😛

#7 Speedy Scandal (K-Movie)

This is a great movie which can make you laugh out loud at many scenes and cry out loud in another scenes. The main-LOL-factor are Cha Tae Hyun and the adorable yet naughty grandson. I admit why this movie can be one of the highest grossing Korean Movie of all time. Really really recommended!

#8 Miss No Good (T-Drama)

Alert: You have to understand Chinese to LOL more at this drama. But if you don’t, it’s OK cause you will LOL too anyway. Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan is perfectly hilarious couple in this Taiwan Drama. And you should watch the NG scenes too, because you will figure out how hard Wilber Pan spell the long, fast sentences, whereas his real profession is a rap singer! 😛 This is very refreshing drama, and you will find it more serious toward the end, but it ends beautifully. Very very recommended!

#9 Super Junior Full House & Super Junior EHB (Exploring Human Body)

I really adore Super Junior once. And I ended watch this special documentary about them back then. It is really funny. They have to communicate using English with two foreigners that will stay with them about a week. Note: their English is BAD. And they are absurd, especially Hee Chul, Eun Hyuk and Kang In. 😛

And there was Exploring Human Body show that had various kind of weird experiments like eating the most spicy chilli in the world, trying spinning machine, laughing gas experiment, etc. They were hilarious!

#10 Secret Garden (K-Drama)

This drama is hilarious at the moment when the two leading role first realize they are changing bodies. Hyun Bin is very great in playing his role, as if he really is a girl inside. But (personally) I think this drama gets boring towards its end. Yet, many people love this drama. So, it’s worth trying to watch anyway.

I think that’s the top 10 source of LOL. Oh, there is one more: Runway Cop but I haven’t watched it until now (will watch it soon!!). The main role is the hilarious Kang Ji Hwan which make me sure that I will LOL watching it. And they said so too in the internet comments.

Enjoy them, friends! Happy LOL-ing everyone!

Prosecutor Princess – My Favorite Scenes

This is one of my all time favorite K-Dramas. It tells about a super fashionable female named Ma Hye Ri (cast: Kim So Yeon) who is not-suitable-at-all but graduated from a law school because of her father’s coercion, plus her intelligence, of course. I like her character very much in this drama, in contrast to the one she played in All About Eve (in which she played a super-annoying antagonist role). And she dressed AWESOME! I love all of the clothes she wears throughout the drama, especially the heels she got from the auction.

The male protagonist is an attorney named Seo In Woo (cast: Park Si Hoo), who then falls in love with Hye Ri (of course). This is the first drama that introduce Park Si Hoo to me, and I fall for him immediately! It’s fortunate that I know him three years after the drama release date, because I can directly watch his following great dramas: The Princess’ Man and Cheong Dam-dong Alice without waiting curiously. It’s my habit. I watch all dramas or movie of my idol once I admire him, in which he stars as the main role, of course.

So, by the way, there are many scenes in this drama that I like very much. Here they are…

#1 Seo In Woo’s dropping tears in lift when Hye Ri’s leaving and the lift door closes.
Oh my God! It’s my most favorite scene ever! It’s simple, but very meaningful. I love how Park Si Hoo express his emotion when Hye Ri’s leaving. No words is needed. No excessive gesture. No excessive tears. And the background song is so damn match! Rate 10 of 10!!

#2 The message in the alarm clock for 77-year-old Hye Ri.
Hye Ri accidentally hears In Woo’s message in the alarm clock he gave her. He tells her how guilty he feels to hurt her, but he can’t even stop cause he is obliged to (to clear his late father’s name). And his wish for Hye Ri to meet a good man in her life and be happy.
“I hope you’re 77-year-old when you hear this. As in Titanic, tell your grand daughter, when you’re young, naive, immature, and beautiful, there was someone who makes your life ruined. But despite of all things he did, you could be happy and laugh now. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”
Sweetest message ever! And she hears that message in a damn-right time!

#3 The kissing scene after the alarm clock message scene.
Deep and long, after teary scene. Perfect!

#4 The bathtub scene. (Hye Ri screams when In Woo helps her from drowning)
This is hilarious. I watched it again and again, and I can’t stop laughing each time.

#5 The piggyback scene.
This is common, as many other K-Dramas have it. But this is why K-Dramas are so sweet. The protagonists always make sacrifices even when they hurt themselves.

#6 Other little stuffs like the bracelet Hye Ri gave In Woo when she still think that the one she loves is Prosecutor Yoon; the fishing hook with pail as their delivery media between the wall; the rotten tomato scene; etc.
The point is: all scenes in this drama are awesome.

So, for you who haven’t watched this drama, I recommend you to watch this immediately and you will fall for it too. And I think among the three Park Si Hoo’s dramas that I’ve watched, this is the best. Even though The Princess’ Man and Cheong Dam-dong Alice are great too.

Park Si Hoo, fighting! K-Dramas, fighting!!