My TOP Idols


#1 Lee Seung Gi — Can’t get enough of his cuteness! First time I saw him was in Brilliant Legacy and I fell for him immediately. Then I realize he is a great singer too. My favorite song is Because You’re My Woman, his oldest debut song. And the unforgettable role of him is Cha Dae Woong in Gumiho, which is hilarious! He is not only hilarious in dramas, but a real chatter box and a true comedian in his real life. XOXOXO…


#2 Park Si Hoo — Actually the first time I saw him was in Haru (a short film to promote Korea), but I don’t remember him, although he is super hot there. And when I saw Prosecutor Princess, I realize that I have seen him somewhere before. I fall in love with him because of his Seo-byeon role in Prosecutor Princess. And then I love his other roles too in Cheongdamdong Alice and Princess’ Man.


#3 Yoo Jae Suk — He is the greatest MC ever! He is very very hilarious. And he can get along very well with everyone. He can liven up the atmosphere anywhere he goes. Running Man will be nothing without him, truely! Love Jae Suk forever..


#4 Jung Yong Hwa — I don’t really like him in You’re Beautiful at first, because I always support the first role in every drama I watch. But I looove him in Heartstring! He is very good when he becomes the first role. Even Jang Geun Suk doesn’t included in this list (hahaha, I’m sorry). And he is smart and pleasing in real life, proven from how often he has been invited into Running Man. Even he is called ‘Ace’ in that variety show. Proud of him! Last but not least, he is a GREAT singer!

yong hwa

#5 Jay Chou — He is my most favorite idol, once. But I still love to listen at his songs nowadays.


#6 Lee Hom — I begin to love him because my friends from Palu love to sing his songs. Honestly, I like his songs more than Jay Chou’s. But still, I put Jay on number 5 because of the longer period he has been staying with me :P.

lee hom


#1 Song Hye Kyo — I really really love her in Full House. Such a perfect match to Rain. (I wonder why they don’t date in real life) A lovely funny drama ever! Her beauty is number one for me. Forever!

song hye kyo

#2 Song Ji Hyo — At first, I don’t really like her because of her role in Princess Hours. But I loveee her in Running Man! She is such a smart and wild and funny and ‘mong’ (blank) and a lovely couple with Gary. I like her natural behavior and her natural look. She doesn’t really care about what she looks like when playing in Running Man. Totally suitable one and only female in that variety show! A true beauty without much effort. Love her!

song ji hyo

#3 Shin Min Ah — She is really cuteee in Gumiho. A perfect natural beauty!! She doesn’t wear any make up there, yet she is very shiny. And her clothes are really lame there, yet she still looks beautiful.

shin min ah

#4 Suzy — I looove her in Dream High. And then in Gu Family Book too! She is really cute, isn’t she?


#5 Lee Min Jung — She is the Jun Pyo’s fiancee in Boys Before Flowers. And Jung Kyung Ho’s lover in Smile, You. And Gong Yoo’s in Big. She is sooo beautiful. No doubt she can make Lee Byung Hun falls for her. (They are married now) A lovely couple!


#6 Tae Yeon SNSD — I really like her voice and personality. And her looks of course! Damn cute! With minimum make over than the other SNSD members. She is active, funny and a good leader. She doesn’t really care with her looks and often wear simple outfit, yet she looks the most beautiful among all.



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