Let’s Eat

Recently I found a new refreshing Korean Drama! It’s called Let’s Eat.

It tells about a woman in her 30s who loves to eat. So it is like a culinary show. The foods…OMyGod-ly looked delicious, plus their face expressions…make you drooling to the max! Caution: DON’T EVER ever watch this when you are hungry, or even when you are rather full, you will crave for those foods.

PS: I am going to grab some Korean foods with my friends this weekend at Myong Ga because of this drama. And why is it still wednesday??  T.T

By the way, the love story in between is amazingly hilarious. I don’t expect the love story will be that funny, since I got rather bored at first few episodes, but continued watching because of the foods. And as the story develops, it becomes more and more interesting and HILARIOUS thanks to Attorney Kim (Shim Hyung Tak). And one more person to thank to, is Choi Kyu Sik (the office secretary who is bald). His expressions and gestures are Daebak!

So, enjoy the show and happy craving! 😛



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