In Time With You – Review

In Time With You

It has been a looonnnng while since the last time I watched any Taiwan drama. Korean wave is indeed amazing. 😛 But recently, I gave it a try to this drama. In Time With You. And it’s GREAT.

It tells about a woman named Chen You Qing (Ariel Lin) who turns 30 but hasn’t had any boyfriend yet. She has a best friend, though, named Li Da Ren (Chen Bo Lin), which she knows since senior high school. Of course, Li Da Ren has a feeling for her this whole time, but he keeps it to himself and try not to love her, because he thinks she won’t ever love him, due to their friendship and her tough personality.

People come and go in their love life. Chen You Qing had a boyfriend when Li Da Ren was single. Li Da Ren had a girlfriend when Chen You Qing was single. And now, they are both single, and Chen You Qing begins to worry about marriage in her 30. But foolishly, Li Da Ren makes a bet: whoever married first has to give a big amount of ‘hongbao’/money present. (Why don’t you just tell her to be your girlfriend instead??!!)

Situation gets worse when Chen You Qing’s ex boyfriend, Ding Li Wei, comes back and wanna get along with her. THIS IS THE STARTING POINT. I don’t remember in which episode it started (but I do remember it’s the second piece of the total 3 DVDs), but from this point on, the story really excites me! I admit that I almost give up on this series because the few first episodes are really slow and boring. 😛 And thank God I continued!

You will see Li Da Ren’s suffering and his huge hidden love for Chen You Qing. And everytime he wants to confess, somehow it fails, for some reasonable reasons (include the terrible tricky Ding Li Wei). But everything is WORTH IT in the end. The ending is PERFECT for the imperfect beginning. This series is very very very recommended to watch!!!

PS: For you who get bored in the first few episodes, please feel free to fast forward it until the existence of Ding Li Wei and enjoy! (Because I did the same :P)

PS2: The song which Li Da Ren sang for her is terrible (he is NOT a good singer, indeed :P) but the lyrics and the music is so sweet that I can’t get enough of this song these few days. The title is “Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni”.


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