These are the reasons why we MUST watch this…

#1 Lee Jong Suk – CUTENESS to the max! This is the main reason to watch this drama. And he is GREAT at acting, not just a mere flower-boy actor.

lee jong suk

#2 Noona-Dongsaeng Love – I love this kind of huge-age-gap couple. You can see the boy try hard to be a ‘man’ to protect his noona, but still, he is a boy anyway. And that’s cuter than a real man who acts like a boy. 😛

hye sung soo ha

lee bo young

#3 The Cases – This drama is similar to Prosecutor Princess. But this one tells about being a lawyer, not a prosecutor. And I found out that the cases in this drama are much much more touching than in Prosecutor Princess (which are mostly boring, I think, and I feel like the cases are just addition side stories to the main storyline). Maybe it’s because lawyers are ‘defending’ people, not ‘attacking’ like prosecutors do. I enjoyed every cases in this drama and didn’t skip any of them, like I did in Prosecutor Princess.

#4 The TEARS – I cried a LOT in this drama. But it’s not stressful to watch like a heartbreaking dramas. The scenes ‘touch’ your heart, not breaking it. You might cry at least once in every episode. And this drama taught me about life. I realize how blessed I am, compared to those people out there who are struggling very hard to live their life.

#5 The Third Party – I like this kind of kind hearted third party, not a tricky, annoying one.  Yoon Sang Hyun played it very well in here. (Although I briefly hated him in you-know-what-case-after-watching :P)

yoon sang hyun

#6 The rival – The rival too, is not a tricky one in here. Moreover, you might love her more and more as the story develop. And she is beautiful! (Played by Lee Da Hee)

Lee Da Hee

#7 Other people around – There is no ‘nobody’ in this drama. Everybody has their own meaningful part here. I like Kim Choong Ki (Soo Ha/Lee Jong Suk’s classmate) who hated Soo Ha in school because he lost to him in a fight, but turn to be kind to him then. And the cute Seong Bin who had crush to Soo Ha. And the kind police officer in Hye Sung noona’s rented house neighborhood. And that assistant in Hye Sung’s lawyer office (he played in Cheong Dam Dong Alice too as Park Si Hoo’s secretary). And the head lawyer Shin. And many more..

#8 The Ending – A great drama can turn to be bad with a bad ending. And fortunately, that’s not happening for this drama. Yey! I looove the writer! PS: the writer is Park Hye Ryun who wrote for Dream High too back then. Great job!


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